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Med-Care EMS has provided immediate ground and flight service transport for emergency medical care patients for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide top-notch mobile intensive care and critical care transport for the RGV.


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About Med-Care EMS Services

Always Ready to Provide Emergency Medical Care

As the largest emergency medical company in South Texas, we have been meeting critical care patient needs for over 25 years in Edinburg, Mission, Hidalgo, La Joya, San Juan, Alamo, and Donna, as well as in rural areas. 

Emergency Ground Transport

Med-Care EMS ambulances have videoscope for faster intubation, LUCAS devices for hands-free compressions, whole blood, and telemedicine capabilities. Telemedicine technology allows responders to take orders and directives from doctors at the emergency room en route to the hospital. Med-Care is the only emergency medical company to provide telemedicine within an ambulance at this time.

Air Flight Critical Care Transport

We have an I-35 license that allows us to transport critical care patients for emergency medical care in Mexico, Canada, the U.S., and the Caribbean. The Rio Grande Valley doesn't currently have a burn unit, for example, but we are able to air flight burn victims to burn units in Houston, San Antonio, and other cities in Texas.

Whole Blood Transport

We are the first and only EMS provider that carries whole blood to the cities of Edinburg, McAllen, Mission, Hidalgo, San Juan, La Joya, Alamo, Donna, Linn, and San Manuel and other locations in the Rio Grande Valley. This means that we can perform rapid transfusion out in the field instead of waiting to arrive at the emergency room, increasing the survival rate of patients with trauma injuries or significant blood loss.

Our Mission

Commitment to excellence in patient care, providing the best pre-hospital care for the cities of the Rio Grande Valley.

“I am very proud that Med-Care keeps providing state-of-the-art technology because I am a citizen of the Rio Grande Valley, and I feel very safe that Med-Care has all this technology to help.”

E Alvarez

EMT-P, Supervisor

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We're Here to Save Lives

EMS Training & Professional Development

Med-Care is always searching for ways to grow and succeed. All of our EMS responders are certified at the State and National level and receive continual in-house professional development education. We also train future EMTs for the field to be able to provide top quality care for the RGV.

Med-Care continues to have EMS hiring opportunities so that we can serve more patients in need across South Texas.

How Does Emergency Medical Dispatch Work?

Med-Care EMS Dispatch

Med-Care dispatchers are licensed through the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch. We use a state-of-the-art computer-aided dispatch system, or CAD, which allows us to easily relay the information from a call directly to responders and also track them by GPS for more efficient service.

Our dispatchers are qualified to provide first-responder instructions, which means that the caller can act as the first first responder on the scene. We can instruct the caller how to do CPR, how to deliver a baby, how to administer epinephrine for an allergic reaction, how to dislodge an airway for a choking victim, and even how to apply an AED to restart a stopped heart. 

  • Dial 911

    If your call comes to our call center, expect that our dispatchers will do everything they can to assist you using computer-aided dispatch with evidence-based protocols to provide better, faster, smarter service.

  • Answer the Dispatcher's Questions

    The dispatcher will have questions for you about the nature of your call, who is injured, how and when the incident took place, and more. Please try to remain calm. We're here to help!

  • Provide Important Details

    Give the address of the injury, your phone number, notable landmarks, gate codes, etc. that will help responders find you as fast as possible.

  • Follow Dispatcher Instructions

    You can help play a crucial role in the emergency medical assistance process. Our dispatcher will talk you through how you can help while you wait for responders.


Licensed by 

National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch

What Makes Med-Care EMS Different

Med-Care EMS is a brother- and sisterhood committed to saving lives and helping patients in the Rio Grande Valley. Our responders and management find great satisfaction in being able to meet the needs and make a difference for the people of the Rio Grande Valley.

24/7 Service

Day or night, our dispatch and responder teams are ready to deliver better, faster, smarter service.

Advanced Technology

From computer-aided dispatch to innovative en-route telemedicine, we have the latest technology in the RGV.

Size & Scope

We are the largest emergency medical service in South Texas for transporting critical patients by ground and air.


What the RGV Says


I needed to transport my mom to hospital so I called them. The young man and his partner were so nice and patient. My mom was very nauseous when they sat her down and they were very patient and waited til she finished vomiting. They made her smile even though she was feeling very bad and in pain. I would highly recommend them to anyone and would call them again if I need their services.

Neli Morales

A. Mendoza and J. Carrizales unit 38. They took wonderful care of mom when she had to transported to the ER. They kept her calm and made she was kept warm when mom told them she was cold. I don't have enough space to compliment these two awesome medics. Thank you so so much Mendoza and Carrizales. God bless you

Kat Cavazos

Great admin and staff! Quick response and always improving and updating.

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We serve cities all over the Rio Grande Valley. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you help your city through training and work opportunities. 


1501 S K Center St. McAllen, TX 78503


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Medcare EMS is an emergency medical company offering 24-7 care
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