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Educational Opportunities

Med-Care EMS

Paramedic School:

Are you interested in becoming a paramedic? Med-Care has you covered! We offer all employees currently in good standing the opportunity to attend the paramedic school of their choice with their tuition fully paid. We also provide a flexible schedule for you to attend classes and opportunities to complete clinical ride-along hours on our mobile intensive care units.

Point of contact:

Clinical Coordinator: Richard Becerra — (956) 793-8494


Flight paramedic school/training:

All providers within the team receive in-house specialty aircraft safety training as well as medical flight physiology training to ensure they are able to treat and respond to emergencies while in the air. Our team consists of Certified Flight Paramedics and Nurses which have passed the International Board of Specialty Certifications testing and compliance. For those interested in achieving this goal, we provide access to Flight Medical Provider review courses as well as continual medical education training.

Med-Care EMS​

Flight Program

Med-Care EMS offers fixed-wing flight transport throughout the state of Texas and beyond. Our highly trained flight team comprised of paramedics and nurses are ready and available to treat and monitor a variety of complex medical conditions. From a simple medical escort to an intensive care level patient, our team deploys with certifications and equipment above the industry standard to ensure all patient needs are met.

Point of contact:

Flight Director: Scott Shore — (956) 661-6900


Med-Care EMS is an emergency medical company offering 24-7 care
by providing a public health service and committed to the communities we serve.

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