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How Does EMS Dispatch Work

How Does EMS Dispatch Work?

When people hear EMS, they usually think of ambulances and first responders. Often overlooked is the Emergency Dispatcher, who plays a crucial role in the emergency response system. The Emergency Dispatcher is the person who receives 911 calls, and their skilled help securing necessary medical support saves lives. 

Emergency Dispatchers offer four main skills to those on the other end of the 911 call: Capability, Communication, Coordination, and Coaching. Let’s take a look at all four of these skills.


At Med-Care EMS, all of our Emergency Dispatchers are certified through the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch. They are trained and educated to provide a critical lifeline of support through medical knowledge, expert communication, and moving quickly to coordinate care. EMS Dispatchers are highly capable individuals with extensive training to ensure high-pressure calls turn into on-site medical care as quickly as possible.


Emergency dispatchers are trained to communicate with people who are often frantic and panicked on the other end of the phone call. They know how to calm people down, ask the right questions, and get information quickly so that they can coordinate the proper plan. They also communicate the details of the emergency with the first responders to ensure they arrive on scene prepared for immediate action.


When an emergency situation occurs, coordination needs to happen and it needs to happen fast. Once a dispatcher understands the emergency at hand, they can locate the closest ambulance (or air flight) using GPS and dispatch them to the scene. Emergency Dispatchers ensure accurate information is relayed quickly so that the proper help can get there as soon as possible.


Emergency Dispatchers are also trained to give basic medical instructions over the phone to those currently at the scene. Oftentimes, people on the other end of the phone can help provide medical support before EMS arrives if they have the right coaching. Emergency Dispatchers can coach people in:

  • Performing CPR
  • How to deliver a baby
  • How to administer epinephrine for an allergic reaction
  • How to dislodge airway for a choking victim
  • How to apply an AED to restart a stopped heart

What to do in an emergency

You never know when you may be the person calling 911 and assisting in a live emergency. Remember that Emergency Dispatchers are there to help. Call 911 immediately, stay as calm as possible, and answer questions as clearly and quickly as possible. Follow the instruction of the trained dispatcher, and you could save a life. EMS-Care Dispatchers are here to save lives in the Rio Grande Valley, one call at a time.


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