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How Med-Care EMS is opening doors to a whole new world through their different educational programs.

  If the past two years have taught us anything, it is the value of the first responders in our area. During some of our darkest times, first responders have been there to help in life-altering experiences. From dispatchers, EMT-Basics, and paramedics, Med-Care EMS staff are always here to help. That is why we have a flight program to ensure that wherever you are, you can get the best of what Med-Care EMS has to offer. Med-Care is based in McAllen, TX but is known all throughout the Rio Grande Valley. But did you know that MED-Care EMS has access to all of North America, Mexico, and the Caribbeans, Med-Care EMS is equipped with their 2 jets and several highly trained flight paramedics and nurses? With certifications and equipment above the industry standard, Med-Care is ready to handle a variety of situations. From routine medical escorts to intensive patient care, our team is here for you. While Med-Care is there for you and your loved ones in some of your darkest moments, our care extends beyond an emergency situation. With a family-style working environment, we deeply care about our workers and our community. That is why we offer different educational opportunities available to both our workers and the community at large. With a paramedic program and a flight program, Med-Care is here, helping provide educational opportunities. By providing these opportunities, it will help equip future first responders with knowledge and experience they will be able to career into their careers years later.  

Flight Program:

Interested in taking to the skies? Med-Care’s flight director, Scott Shore oversees the flight paramedic program with clinical coordinator Richard Becerra. Through the program, providers will be trained in specialty aircraft safety training and medical flight physiology. After training, there will be a certification test by the International Board of Specialty Certifications testing and compliance.   

Paramedic Program:

If flying through the skies isn’t for you, Med-Care EMS still has you covered. If you are an EMT-Basic or an EMT-Advanced, Med-Care is offering on-site classes. For three days a week and flexible scheduling, Med-Care is here for the community beyond an emergency. That is also why tuition is fully covered! Through the program, first responders will learn how to provide advanced airway management, administer medication, interpret EKGs, and start patient IV lines. For over 25 years in the business, Med-Care EMS has grown to be one of the largest emergency medical companies in South Texas. Serving in Edinburg, Mission, Hidalgo, La Joya, San Juan, Alamo, and Donna, as well as in rural areas, Med-Care EMS is dedicated to providing public health services and is committed to the community we serve. To learn more visit to learn more about our educational opportunities. We also have hiring opportunities available and a more extensive look into the different services we offer. You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram!

Medcare EMS is an emergency medical company offering 24-7 care
by providing a public health service and committed to the communities we serve.

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